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At Desert Rain, we go the extra mile.

We're committed to making sure you're not only happy with the work we've been hired to do, but that it will last for years to come, and you can reach us to make any additions you may want later. 


  1. 1.  Warranty - We've have absolute faith in our installations.  Because of this, we offer two year warranties on our landscape and irrigation work and three years on our ponds and lighting from date of completion.
  2. 2.  Reliability - We're there when we say we're there, and do everything in our power to deliver what we promise.  After 27 years, we also aren't going anywhere, giving you the comfort that you can reach us.
  3. 3.  Quality Products - We've been around long enough to know what works and what doesn't.  If we install it, you can be certain its top of the line.
  4. 4.  Contact - Nothing's worse than not being able to reach your contractors.  We'll keep in contact with you to let you know how your job is progressing.
  5. 5.  Above & Beyond -  Our philosophy is if we do it, our reputation is in the final product.  We'll do whatever it takes to make certain you're happy, because if you enjoy it, we can take pride in what we've done for you.


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