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Repairing Irrigation Systems

Eventually, something will go wrong with your system.  When it does, no one is better equipped to deal with it, or offers a better warranty.  You'll find the problem resolved, and your yard back to its original condition.

Solve Lighting Complications

No company in the valley has been installing low voltage lighting as long as Desert Rain, and our staff has held classes sharing our knowledge.  When your system goes down, we'll solve the matter, swiftly & efficiently.

​Repair or Maintain Water Features

Desert Rain offers not only monthly maintenance on the ponds we install, but also to services to diagnose, repair, and maintain others, all to ensure you find the most enjoyment from your water features.


Know an installation will be required?  Contact our office and set up a meeting.  We'll gather information on what you want & provide you with a comprehensive bid, so there are no surprises in expenditures.

Unique Designs

Desert Rain designs almost all of the projects we do.  If you want something done, we have the means to draft & implement it, with real field experience to ensure what's on the plans will last for years to come.



1. Repair Irrigation System

2. Solve Lighting Complications

3. Repair or Maintain Water Features


5. Unique Designs


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