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Water Features

Property Value

Having a water feature on your property is a staple most everyone enjoys, and increases the value of your home or business simply by being there.


Noise Pollution

Especially in a city environment, having a water feature provides an excellent way to drown out the local traffic of the busy streets.

Aquatic Life

Another benefit of a water feature is the aquatic life it presents to the owner.  Many of these animals are actually beneficial for pest control.

Beneficial to Existing Plants

Not only does the moving water provide a more stable climate for nearby plants in extreme weather, but the biomass of the pond also offers them a source of excellent nutrients.


The greatest reason to have a water feature put in is, of course, the enjoyment.  Grabbing a cold drink at the end of the day and sitting at a koi pond will provide hours of relaxation.


1.  Property Value

2.  Noise Pollution


3. Aquatic Life/Pest Control

4.  Beneficial to Other Plants

5.  Enjoyment


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