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Why don't my plants have color?

Typically, color on plants is found in their flowers, which are used to attract organisms to help in the process of pollination.  To get the most effect out of this growth, desert plants typically grow flowers on their outer edges.  Sheering plants is the quickest way to eliminate color.

I'm new to the desert.  Can I have color?

Certainly!  Most desert plants have a shorter bloom time than other plants, but that simply means they need to make that time count more, and usually have a more vibrant bloom than others.  Cactus flowers, for instance, would at least rival any tropical bloom.

My sprinklers are giving a lot of run off.  How can this be resolved?

Normally, water lost in this fashion is due to the ground not absorbing what's cast on it.  Heads with lower water output will allow what's released to be taken in, resulting in less wasted water.

How do I get rid of the dead area around my sprinkler head?

The most common cause of dead or weak patches of grass around the sprinkler is improper coverage.  This is normally a result of poor overlap.  Relocation of your heads may be required, or a reworking of the existing zones.

Why use low voltage lighting?

​Low voltage lighting offers more directed effects that create more dramatic lighting sources, offering better security and display lighting, ability to move fixtures, and using significantly less electricity, thereby costing you less money, all while making it that much safer.

What's the difference between halogen & LED bulbs?

The main differences between the bulbs is the performance and price.  While LEDs are undoubtedly longer lasting and lower in energy consumption, halogen bulbs cost less per bulb, and typically offer a wider array of beam spreads and better color temperature.

When should I use LED?

While the initial cost of LED is higher, this expense can be offset by time.  LEDs are also extremely useful on runs long distances from the transformer, and in underwater fixtures to prevent frequent changes.  Smaller fixtures can also easily handle smaller wattage bulbs, though testing on color temperature is recommended.

Do you do only ponds for water features?

No!  We also install pondless waterfalls, which run off a system similar to the koi ponds, and other water features as well.  If there's a water feature you want done, contact us today and we'll have it installed quickly and properly.

Do you have any water features with little to no maintenance?

Of course!  Our pondless waterfalls are nearly maintenance free, and only require occasional cleaning of debris from the top that might blow over it.  Many of our pondless waterfalls only need yearly cleanings, while still maintaining their natural look.

Can you have a pond that has clean, clear water and still has fish?

In the past, it was normally understood that if you wanted a pond, you would either need to settle on fish or clean water.  Thankfully, this system has been refined, and today, you can have both!  The natural ecosystem created by the pond itself will keep the water flawless so you can enjoy your fish with no hindrance.


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