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Updating Equipment

Advancements in the irrigation field are made daily, and having the newer equipment can allow for a greater variety in programming, watering options, & schedules, all to ensure your yard is at its peak.

Locational Watering

Many companies can install a watering system, but the expertise at Desert Rain ensures your water only goes where its needed, thereby making your plants as lush as they can be, and healthy enough to withstand the harsh summers.

Water Savings

New systems offer water savings by way of newer, lower usage products, to guarantee the water goes where you want it without fear of run off or puddling, saving you wastage and money.

Construction Adjustments

Additions to a building or home, be it a new room or simply a patio, will require the reshaping of existing zones or the inclusion of new ones to properly irrigate your foliage.  Planning this ahead of time will save you headaches later.

Relocating System

Sometimes systems just weren't properly installed, & years down the road when the plants are matured, it becomes apparent.  These systems will need to be relocated to make sure your foliage receives the water they require to remain healthy & vibrant.



1. Updating Equipment

2. Locational Watering

3. Water Savings

4. Construction Adjustments

5. Relocating System


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